Friday, January 21, 2011

Board Meeting: Five Minutes

"I'm going to need more time."

"We've got a packed agenda and you're just giving an update. You've got five minutes."

"But I can't cover everything in five minutes!"

"I don't want you to cover everything. I just want you to give an update. I could give an update on nuclear disarmament in five minutes and even have a minute to spare. Five minutes."

"What about Cragmont?"

"He's got five minutes too."

"But his subject is much less important than mine."

"That's odd. He said the same thing about your update."

"What if I go a little over?"

"You will be hurt and punished. Perhaps not immediately but eventually. You will rue the day. I'd advise against it."

"You're serious."

"Five minutes. Do it in five minutes and people will love you. They'll name children after you."

"But there's so much more I could say."

"I know."

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