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Collection of thoughts to have a GREAT start into the week!

I wrote earlier about “(How to) have a Great Monday”,  but another way to get off to a wonderful start into the week is to take 30 minutes out and read some brilliant articles that energize you to tackle new set of priorities. So here they go –

  • At workplace, we often get drained by conversations that pull us in a downward spiral. Some people tend to look at problems and others look at possibilities. Mary Jo Asmus, one of my favorite leadership bloggers, writes about “Encouraging Pure Possibility” – if our conversations shape our destiny, why not have positive ones? I totally agree.
  • Have you ever been part of meetings or presentations where the real point takes long to come through? Do you write or often do presentations? Michael Wade, among his many other very interesting posts, emphasizes on need to get to the most compelling part of the subject first – be it presentations, writing blogs, fiction and non-fiction. He says “Unless the beginning is really interesting, don’t make it the beginning.” That’s so true.
  • Being a good presenter is the pre-requisite of being a good leader, because at some point, leader has to communicate, deal and present. That is what Dan McCarthy touches upon in his very insightful post Can a Poor Presenter be a Great Leader? – a must read for anyone aspiring to be a leader.
  • Nicholas Bate is sharing a bunch of ideas on Brilliance via a series titled “How to be Brilliant 1-50” – it is a collection of practical ideas that not only defines brilliance but also shows a way to get there. I have loved all 42 of them so far, so will you.
  • It is said that if you constantly judge people, you will never have time to love them. In business world, judgment rules. Why is it important for a leader to validate people for who they are and how they feel? Explore this delicate subject with Tanveer Naseer.
  • Managers/Leaders have to empower people to generate outstanding results.  Blogger and a cool friend Utpal Vaishnav shares 20 practical tips to empower your people. I am sure you’d enjoy reading rest of his posts as well.

Wish you a super-productive week ahead – and stay tuned for more posts/announcements coming in this week!

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