Derek Sivers

What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Two books down, one to go

  1. “Your Music and People” was done last year. Patrick Smith is animating the whole audiobook.
  2. “Hell Yeah or No” was finished today. Now I’m recording the audiobook, then will send it to translators.
  3. “How to Live” is a rough draft, and needs a couple months of writing.

I'm still working out where I'm going to get it printed, and what that will cost. Once I know, I'll set up a page to take advance orders. If you get on my private email list, I'll let you know long before the public.

Though Penguin published my last book, and offered to publish my future ones, I wanted the experience of self-publishing, and selling directly from my own site.

Settled in Oxford, England

After a year and a half of wondering where I’d live next, I'm well-settled in my home in Oxford, and plan to stay here for 12 years. I got a great dog, and life is good.

It’s so nice to have a home again, to not be wondering where I’m going to be next week, to just focus on my work.

Ambition returning

Though I want to finish my third book before launching anything new, I'm feeling my ambition returning after six years of sabbatical.

I have an idea for a book: “Understanding the Whole World — Outsiders' Insights”, with 154 little essays about all 154 countries, by 154 experts, like these ones about Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore.

And I have a list of 49 places in Europe I want to visit and get to know better. I went to Budapest last week with Tynan to whet my appetite.

Updated June 3rd, 2019, from Oxford, England.